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Posted by APC165 on 12 12 2018. 0 Comments

As long as there are fresh produce and store specialties sold in groceries, Freshby provides one more channel to increase sales. Store specialties includes store exclusive products, fast selling merchandises, high-end merchandises, special offers etc.

Scenario A: ABC grocery posts a fresh arrival thread for “just-cut” watermelons to attract customers who care for freshness.

Scenario B: ABC grocery is considering to introduce an imported fruit which is a rage at the market and advance payment is required. ABC grocery is not sure about future sales and want to control the inventory risk. Freshby can help ABC grocery to control risk by providing pre-order function to better estimate sales and determine purchases.

Scenario C: For working families, dinner is an important meal when all family members can sit together and communicate. However, it is difficult to access fresh ingredients after 5pm in general groceries and large supermarket chains where evening markets have less varieties and are less fresh than morning ones. Therefore, ABC grocery provides a package deal which contains several fresh products and posts in the Reserve function on Freshby. Customers can collect reserved products before end of the day. In this way, customer loyalty is enhanced and potential customers are explored.

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