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6B Fish/Seafood Market

Posted by APC165 on 12 12 2018. 0 Comments

Freshness is the prime issue for seafood markets and increase of products turnover is the key to enhance product quality and store reputation. Freshby can help merchandisers increase turnover rate of products that are live, exclusive, hot in market, expensive and better priced.

Scenario A: every morning, ABC fish market will post today’s special in store to attract customers. With Freshby, ABC fresh market can post those information with “Fresh Arrival”and make it available to all nearby customers and its subscribers in real time. Also, the store can post special produce on“fresh arrival”such as fresh caught prawns, oysters and abalones.

Scenario B: ABC fish market wants to purchase some mud crab. But selling mud crab has certain risk since they are expensive and live which means huge loss when unsalable. In this case, ABC fish market can use Pre-order function of Freshby and lower purchase risk by confirmed pre-order sales. Also, with pre-order function, ABC fish market can increase product variety, and therefore increase competitiveness.

Scenario C: For working families, dinner is an important meal when all family members can sit together and communicate. However, it is difficult to access fresh ingredients after 5pm in general fish markets. Therefore, ABC fish market provides a package deal which contains several fresh products and posts in the Reserve function on Freshby. Customers can collect reserved products before end of the day as late as 8 pm. In this way, customer loyalty is enhanced and potential customers are explored.

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