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6D Dining/ Catering

Posted by APC165 on 12 12 2018. 0 Comments

Catering industry includes all kinds of restaurants, cafes and beverages. Because of the intense competition in this industry, a dining should cater to different customer needs, be special and creative. Freshby can help dining merchandisers show their latest and most special products.

Scenario A: ABC restaurant provides long menu and today’s chef special to attract more customers. Today’s specials arealways posted in front of the store which does not work well since potential customers usually do not have time to read menus and posts of each restaurant. With Freshby, a restaurant can post its specialties to all nearby potential customers in very short time and gain more competitiveness.

Scenario B: To survive in the competitive industry, a cafe needs to attract more customers and sell more cups. The key to good coffee is the quality and freshness of beans. But a cafe usually will purchase limited varieties of coffee beans for fears of slow moving. ABC cafe develops some new strategies after introducing Freshby. 1. Roast green coffee beans in store. In this way, customers can be attracted by the aroma of roasting beans and freshest coffee even when the price is higher than average. Fresh arrival treads can be post to tell nearby customers freshly roasted and ground coffee is ready and pre-order and reserve functions can also be used. 2. Via fresh arrival function, the cafe can inform every day special coffee beans and bring unique coffees to customers.

Scenario C. Usually, dishes need to be served within certain time to ensure its quality. ABC sells roasted duck whose best taste time is no more than 20 minutes out of oven. ABC restaurant posts fresh arrival treads 5 minutes before roasted ducks are done and therefore informed customers can enjoy the freshest and high quality crisp roasted duck. This makes ABC restaurant stand out.

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