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6E Bakery

Posted by APC165 on 12 12 2018. 0 Comments

Freshness is prime to bakeries. A lot of bakeries offer big discount in last trading hours each day which does not generate much profit. Therefore, it is important for bakeries to keep balance between production and sales volume.

Scenario A: ABC bakery provides many unique products to success in the industry. It provides low sugar and gluten free breads as well as egg free, diary free breads to different groups of people. It posts those unique products one day ahead on the pre-order function of Freshby and attract a lot of customers.

Scenario B: ABC bakery posts freshly baked popular products on the fresh arrivals section of Fresh by to inform customers in real time.

Scenario C: usually, Bakeries do not bake after 3 pm to avoid over supply. ABC bakery believes that 3 pm is also a peak sales time since its when students are dismissed from school housewives shopping. ABC bakery uses the Pre-order section of Freshby to provide freshly baked products. Since those products are made to orders, slow selling can be avoided. In this way, ABC bakery develops a new peak sales time.

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