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6F Florist/Flower shop

Posted by APC165 on 12 12 2018. 0 Comments

Flowers are expensive because they are hard to keep and merchandisers need to maintain certain profit margin to compensate the loss for flowers on sale when they are not fresh. When on clearance, Flowers can only be kept for several days after sale which is satisfactory for customers. Freshby can help solve this no-win situation.

Scenario A: ABC florist is specialize in making floral basket and floral arrangement which provide highest margin profit. It choose some samples of products and post on the Pre-order section of Freshby so that it knows customers need before collection and can make good control of its inventory.

Scenario B: the dilemma about selling high-end or rare flowers is that it may sell slowly and cause huge loss for the florists. ABC florist uses pre-order section to control its inventory and make itself really stand out because of the high-end and rare flowers.

Scenario C: Via the Fresh arrival section, florists can inform customer with most fresh products every day therefore increase sales volume.

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