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6G Producer Direct

Posted by APC165 on 12 12 2018. 0 Comments

A typical producer direct is a farmers market which provides fresh and in season produces with lower prices and therefore is popular with customers. The main issues of producer direct are lesser product varieties, unstable trading time and remote location. Freshby can help to solve those issues.

Scenario A: ABC farm plants strawberries and also acquire fresh fruits from nearby farms and sell them in inner city areas. Its products are popular because of competitive prices and freshness. BUT it cannot achieve higher sales because of low customer loyalty caused by unfixed trading time and location. To solve this problem, ABC farm opened an account on Freshby and use Pre-order function to inform customers their pop-up time and location and better control supply volume. For example, when it decides to sell apple and strawberry on XXX street, hampton at 7-8 pm Monday, it can post pre-order thread on Friday night and receive 100 orders before Sunday. It may prepare 120 orders of products and arrive at inform location and post fresh arrival threads to inform customers with and without pro-orders.

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