What is Freshby

Freshby links businesses to high-value, discerning customers who shop for hard-to-find products, short-term specials and local sales, at best prices.

Local businesses post store-exclusive and short-run products, special sale items, pre-orders and reserves on Freshby at any time. Local customers can search for their favorite stores and products on Freshby. Or they can just use “Hot stores nearby” to find active promotions in their area. They can also subscribe to their favorite stores so they don’t miss any new offers. Say goodbye to expensive SMS notifications and ineffective promotion catalogues! Try a faster and more effective way.

What does “Freshby” do?

Try our “6 ‘R’ solution”
1. Reduce the negative impact of online shopping
2. Reduce negative impact from large chain stores
3. Reduce high inventory risk
4. Reduce the high risk of launching new products
5. Reduce the risk of introducing high-end products
6. Raise promotional effects

Freshby is your one solution for all.

How Does “Freshby” improve your business?

Real-time post

  1. Attract customers shopping in the store
  2. Spread to potential customer by searching
  3. Notify subsccriber
  4. Promote to potential customer by hot store nearby ads

PreOrder by paying deposit

  1. Reduce inventory risk
  2. Strengthen the attraction to customer
  3. Upgrade product variety
  4. Higher profit margin by reducing cost, increasing demand and upgrading to a high-end product
  5. Lauching more innovative products with higher profit
  6. Develop new customer groups

Reserve by paying deposit

  1. Develop new customer groups
  2. Strengthen the attraction to customer
  3. Customer convenience

Check our TIPs and cost comparisons to see how Freshby is different. Also see, our pricing structure to see how Freshby charge.