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Q&A (User App)

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Q&A (User App)

(1) How to join?

A. Download “Freshby” in Google play store or Apple store.

B. Open App

C. Click “Sign up” in lower right, fill in your first name,last name, and email address, then click “send OTP” to receive verification code.

D. Go to your email, get your four digit verification code sent by Freshby, fill in the code in registration page, click “Enter OTP”, fill in other required fields, click Proceed. Welcome to Freshby.

(2) Set up timezone

When first sign in, please set up your timezone to help us provide better notification service. Also, you can update the timezone in account settings.

(3) How to find a store or a product?

A. Press Fresh Arrival button on Homepage, type any store or product. For example,if type “Freshby test store”, you can find that store if it posts any fresh arrival products.

B. You can also search for products in Fresh Arrival, Pre-order and Reserve and refine the results with “filter”button in up right.

(4) Click the heart button in up right corner of store page to subscribe for latest promotions.

(5) The available time and final pickup time should be within store’s business hours. For example, if product A is available from 0:10AM while the business hour is from 9am to 6pm, then the actual available time starts from 9 am. 

If final pick up time for product A shows 23:00pm while the business hour is 9:00 am to 18:00 pm, then the actual final pick up time is 18:00 pm.

(6) How to pay deposit?

Step 1, search for product / store. For example, if you want to make a pre-order or reserve, touch the pre-order or reserve button, type the name of product or store in search bar.

Step 2, touch the name of the store and go to store’s page, you can see all product posts. Under pre-order or reserve section, please choose the product you want.

Step 3, you can make a special note in ‘leave a message to store’ field, the store will try their best to meet your needs. The right of final interpretation belongs to the stores.

Step 4, Read the “ How to redeem” and deposit information, press ‘Confirm to process’.

Step 5, choose your payment method, we accept both VISA and Master Card.

(7) How to redeem

When order is confirmed, you can touch the menu tab to track your order in “ my deposits”. In my deposit page, you can cancel order or view voucher.

Tap the voucher to see detailed information. When arrive in store, please show your QR code or the Security code to redeem your voucher. Pay the balance of the order and the transaction is completed.

(8) About refund   

Customers can touch the red button of  “Cancel Order” in voucher page, fill in reasons and send it to the stores. Stores can send customers request of order cancellation as well. After receiving customers’ order cancellation request, stores could approve or disapprove the request.

Once both parties agree to refund, the order will be canceled. The amount will be fully refunded to customer’s original card in 10 business days.

If a store rejects a refund request, customers can send a request for cancellation again, or customers can go to the store to request a refund. A store can initiate a request for cancellation as well, customers have the right to approve or reject. 

If customers’ request not responded, customers should go to the store to ask for a refund before final pick up time.

After final pick up time, order will be expired, and the deposit will be non-refundable. And

Store will have the full right of disposal to the preordered or reserved product.

Once the refund being processed, Freshby reserves the right to charge the commission to store depend on the marketing policy.

If monthly refunds are more than 5% of total monthly transactions, Freshby has the right to force on store warning or to suspend account.

If monthly refunds are more than 10% of total monthly transaction, Freshby has the right to force on store to permanently delete account

(9) Customer service

You can send a message to our customer service representative by tapping the “Need help?” button in order page. Please specify the Freshby order code which can be found in voucher page to help us better solve the request. 

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